The Octopus will open in February!

Check back soon for the opening date.

There will be crows...


Check out our new calendar of events (link above).
February Highlights include:

a 1st Friday party with The New Thoreaus
Crows in Octospace with Paul Corman Roberts
Murder of Crows Launch Party with Michael N. Thompson
Lost Frames Publication Celebration
Quinn DeVeaux solo performance


and don't miss our very last pop-up
I N     T H E     M E G A D O M E 
at Chabot Space & Science Center

Saturday January 31st, 7:30pm 
Grand Finale Blowout!

Improvisation by The WoodsPeople: Bernie Jungle and Christina Shonkwiler
with music from Delmarva and Slouching Stars 
plus readings from Sara Wintz and Paul Corman Roberts

All Ages - Tamales - Tecates - Telescopes





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