2 Day Blow Open Mic 7pm Free

Come to Our Final 2-Day Blow!

Wednesday and Thursday Nights

You know you wanna sing some songs, perform some poems, or do mime at Le Pus with these mugs another time or two. It'll make us all feel better. Let's feel better! More better all the time. Most best time.

So come on down to Webster Street and bring your own songs, poems, loops, drums, brass section, ukuleles, melodicas, kazoos, just still bring it while you still can. We'll have the mic on for you.

Not sure if you've heard that time is running out. It's always running out. But you did know that.

Mike's bringing the binder for sing-a-longs; we'll def karaoke; Rebecca will lead some stretching and maybe even a little aero-bi-cizing to the oldies just to get the dancing started.

We've got high hopes for dance parties, loud singing, drum beats, raps, rants, riffs, rips, and as much fun and laughter as we can squeeze into the last dawg daze of August. We'd love to see you all there.

Thursday, August 29, 2019 - 7:00pm