Gratitude Blooming Happy Hour: Celebrating Hope 5pm Free

Come and celebrate our monthly Gratitude Blooming gardens with a kick-off happy hour, live music from our special friends, and an enriching gratitude game from 5-7 on March 6. 

The theme for March is HOPE:  Take a moment to remember a time you were filled with hope.  What do you need to feel like that now?

End your workday with a favorite beverage, art, gratitude and some meaningful conversation...You may even meet a new friend or two!  
Gratitude Blooming is a project that emerged when two friends (an artist and entrepreneur) were looking for a simple and meaningful way to stay in touch. They brought their super powers together to create Gratitude Blooming, a nature-inspired experience to bring a moment of peace and inspiration to everyday life. 
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 5:00pm