Green Eyed Monsters: Zine Launch, Live Music & More 7pm Free

Green Eyed Monsters is a brand new zine, based on 8 months of research on jealousy from Lacey Johnson, an interdisciplinary artist exploring the intersections of critical craft and social practice. By merging juxtaposing technologies into landscapes of sight, texture, and sound, Johnson approaches critical social issues in a multi-layered fashion, utilizing an approach wherein visceral and tactile engagement with the viewer is key. Her work is built on gender and outsider engineering, pushing the boundaries of what is expected by inviting the viewer to engage with the work through touch, seeking to redefine the intimate relationship between art and art viewer.

Johnson incorporates place as well as time – building a fictional and experiential universe that reveals a relationship between motion, sound, and the somatic experience of touch. While referencing queer and feminist histories, her work responds directly to the question of craft as a dying language, drawing on the locality of the tech hub of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Johnson believes strongly that art is praxis, and her work is grounded in the search for a feminist and de-colonial code of ethics that reclaims and redefines the notion of moral compasses, retelling of fables and cultural mythologies. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 7:00pm